What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an Internet-based sales channel where a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. The most common form of affiliate marketing is cost-per-click (CPC) or pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, where affiliates earn commissions based on the number of times their referrals are clicked by customers or visitors.

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing that allows merchants to earn commissions on the sales of their affiliates. The affiliate marketer is not actually selling the product, but refers traffic to a merchant’s website. Affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn money from home, and it is one of the best ways to generate passive income.

The affiliate has many options to share the partners product or service like:

Facebook post

Facebook Ads

Instagram Post

Instagram Ads

Linkedin Post 

Linkedin Ads

Send an Email to your Email list

Buy Email Clicks from another user

Canva banner or flier creation

Blog post

Messenger messages

Word of mouth

TikTok post

Twitter Tweet

Snap Chat

And on and on…

The process is simple, once you have a list or following.  To build your following you need to offer value to you followers, don’t just drop links in everything you do.

1.  You should be adding value, not spamming. How to get started?

2. Make a list of the products and services that you can provide.

3. Find out what people are looking for by searching on Google.

You need to add value, be interesting, be helpful and most importantly, be yourself.  It’s very easy to follow other people, and then they start following you back, but the real key is that you are adding value to them as well.

You also need to promote products that people actually need. Most of the pop up style affiliate links work like this. Someone creates an affiliate training or purchases a PLR (Private Label Rights) program. This program will explain to you how everything thing works. Then you are encouraged to promote the same program you purchased, because if you send customers to the program, you get a piece of the action. Typically this is anywhere from 20% – 50% of the price of the product or course.

Let me make sure I am making this clear, the way I learned about affiliate marketing was by a man named Anthony Morrison. I purchased his program PWA (Partner With Anthony) if you are interested click here PWA. This program will take you from knowing nothing to seeing how everything works. 

This program has a very low monthly cost to learn from one of the original affiliate marketers. He has made millions doing this. He also has a one time purchase offer or for less than you would imagine did for life time access.

Now let’s break down how the commissions work. And hopefully answer a question or two.

Is affiliate marketing a pyramid scheme? NO… it is not. He offers a 50% commission on most of his programs. If you click the link above and join the program at let’s say $7.00 a month I will get $3.50 each month you stay in the program or $48.50 one time if you take the one time offer at something like $97. If you bring someone in you the the $3.50 commission on that person, I do not get anything at that level. So, it is never any more than three tiers tall… The program owner makes most of the money, but shares a nice commission with you.

If you were to go directly to Anthony he would get the entire $7.00, then you would get $3.50 for each person you send to the program with your affiliate link.

Where this program is nice, is if you purchase the additional tools you will need to build a complete online business, being fully dependent on social media.  He gives you the ability to assign all of the affiliate links to all the other software inside the program.  So, if you come in using my link and buy every other tool you will need to run an independent online business, that is mentioned with a link inside the training. I would get a commission from those companies too.

This programs helps you:

Understand affiliate marketing

Get a basic website

Setup an autoresponder

Setup click tracking software

Setup Click Funnels

Setup facebook pixel

Setup facebook ads

Develop a general understanding of copywriting

And much more

Once inside you also get access to a weekly live training with Anthony on Thursdays, he is committed on this one. To my knowledge he never misses, not on his honeymoon or after the death of family members. And he does not charge any extra to be part of this training not one nickle.  He typically builds and give you a few extra online businesses each year. 

Now would I like you click my link and join this program sure… but it doesn’t really matter to me as long as you learned something from this little post. 

Yes, You can do this on your own and with free tools, but if you struggle with tech you may spend more in the long run trying to put all the pieces together.

I truly appreciate you reading this and I hope you succeed in your journey.


Affiliate Marketing can make you money, it’s not a get rich quick scheme. It can make you very rich if you learn it the right way and put in the work.

Partner With Anthony

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