Today started with Charles sitting at his desk, in utter disbelief.

His business was doing great and the future looked bright for him as a result.

Then he took a moment to think about what would happen if he died tomorrow.

He really had never thought about it before, what would happen to his company?

According to all of his employees, no one could run the company without him being there to direct them on every detail of running the business.

It seemed like everything was going well so far, but if no one can take over for him how will things prosper in his absence?

He had to get real and ask himself some serious questions…

I will ask you to answer these questions:

  1. Can your business run with your guidance?
  2. Will your team do what is needed without you pressing on them?
  3. Is your process (secret sauce) easily repeatable?

If the answer is NO to any of these you are a few events (or one big one) away from losing all you have built.

After answering the questions above, Charles realized even if he doesn’t die the company will only grow to the level of his capacity not his teams.

So now we have an entrepreneur turned CEO, who is unsure how to proceed in this new potential future…

What would (will) you do?

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